Asset Management

Asset Management is critical particularly when operating capital intensive plant and equipment, facilities and or infrastructure. Our services are the solution for prolonging the life of an asset and ensuring it remains online for maximum periods of time. We partner with our clients to develop processes around the life cycle of their assets to ensure we deliver quality outcomes. Plant optimisation with premium process equipment from component design to plant remodelling, and data analysis of these items is undertaken to ensure fit for purpose. This supply extends to premium process equipment such as cyclones (DMC and Hydrocyclone solutions), centrifuge baskets, distributors, piping systems and valves.

We provide field installation and maintenance for such equipment, ensuring the optimum life cycle of these products, which are customised to client requirements. HIC ensures your assets perform at optimum service levels, beyond the duration of any project. Through identification of efficient solutions from component design to plant remodelling, HIC’s engineering and mechanical services provide efficient solutions around development processes and products, from small component design to large plant remodelling, our experienced team of qualified trades and assistants are available to execute all stages of a project, from research and development to design and manufacture, through to installation and final commissioning.

Fabrication & Industrial Tiling Solutions

Since our inception in 1995 the company has built a reputation for delivering cost effective solutions for preventing the premature wear of our customers assets. Our long-standing reputation within the mining and power generation industries for selecting, installing, and maintaining wear preventative linings has driven the business to new heights and provided a launch pad for additional services.

Our products ensure protection against harsh industry associated elements, particularly those associated with coal, and other industrial service areas. Our manufacturing processes are subject to rigorous inspection and testing to make certain we deliver industry leading products and services.

Industrial Protective Coatings

Our trade-qualified team specialises in surface preparation and protective coatings.

We can mobilise crews and equipment to remote locations for on-site maintenance and repairs.

Inspection & Reporting

Our experienced Supervisors and technical team, work with you to optimise the lifetime of your equipment through a consultative process, supported by our maintenance reporting and planning.

Inspections are carried out regularly and documented for our customers on the current conditions of equipment during scheduled maintenance shutdowns.

Off-Site Refurbishments

We offer a range of products and services to cover a large spectrum of refurbishments including but not limited to Mills, Cyclones, Chute Assemblies and Structural Support Systems.

We pride ourselves on selecting cost-effective solutions to ensure the refurbishments meet and exceed customer expectations.

Project Management

Maximising value for money, we work through every stage of a project’s scope, from detailed design, engineering, fabrication and installation. We partner with our clients to ensure we meet and exceed project goals and expectations.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting

Complete assessment and review of project scope to deliver detailed budget estimates including milestones and project scheduling.


Discrete Element Modelling – This tool has been proven in analysing and optimising particulate flow throughout the bulk handling and materials processing industries. The model clear visuals of the concept prior to engineering and drafting stages.

Engineering and Drafting

Review existing structures, assessment and feasibility of conceptual designs

Development of 3D models of chutes and structures for review and assessment against customer requirements

Produce 2D fabrication drawings.


Fabrication of all components to the necessary Australian Standards and customer specifications

Maintain all quality assurance documents including inspection and test plans.

Field Installation

The company has a proven record for delivering onsite installation services, particularly high-risk lifting operations and changeouts. We take comprehensive control of the work location including the monitoring of health and safety protocols and quality assurance records.

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