Premature cyclone failures.
Change from tiles to 27% Chrome.
increased productivity 75%.

HIC Services were tasked with supplying ceramic lining and protective coating services to complete six large mechanical items required for a major shutdown upgrade.

HIC received the first item 22nd of September in a progressive delivery cycle until receiving the last item on the 1st of November. HIC faced a time restraining challenge during this project to deliver all six items before the 20th of November. HICTECH worked diligently and effectively completed their services to a high standard while maintaining correct health and safety protocols to ensure a safe and efficient workshop environment.

HIC was informed during the project that site required significant ceramic lining upgrades to one of the collector boxes we had yet to receive. HIC corresponded directly with site to highlight the logistics surrounding the requested upgrades. From our 40 years’ experience in the industry, we were able to present our recommended alternative wear system, which allowed for a cost-effective approach and an increased life expectancy of the system.

All six mechanical items were completed and delivered to our client before the required due date. We received positive feedback from contractor and mine site regarding the quality of work throughout the project.

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