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Redesigned cyclone.
Improved yield.

HIC were engaged to design a Dense Medium cyclone with improved parameters ultimately resulting in higher yields.

The HIC Cyclone demonstrated superior performance when processing the low yielding coal type, particularly for the plus 16mm size fraction at the highest feed rate tested. Specifically:

    1. Close examination of the plus 16mm lowest RD partition point for the incumbent unit revealed a partition number of 96.25% to overflow. This means that 3.75% of the prime low ash coking coal was lost to reject and that the overall DMC product ash would be increased. To maintain product spec, it may be necessary for circuits elsewhere in the plant to reduce their cut points, thereby reducing overall plant yield. This could be costly.
    2. As the equivalent partition number for the HICTECH unit was determined to be 98.28%, there would be significantly less loss. Similar, if not better comparative performance for the HICTECH unit was also determined when processing nominal yielding coal.

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